Snoring issue? Potential CPAP alternative available at Chesser


FORT POLK, La. — Snoring is the hoarse or harsh sound that occurs when breathing is partially obstructed in some way during sleep. It occurs when air flows across relaxed tissues in the throat, causing vibration that creates the sound. More than half of adults occasionally snore, according to the Mayo Clinic, but usually self-correct during sleep by rolling over or getting an “assist” from a partner’s elbow during the night. While mildly irritating, snoring is generally harmless.

However, when snoring results in the total obstruction of the airway, it is called sleep apnea and can be dangerous. Not only is the snorer at risk — lack of deep sleep due to mild suffocation — but anyone else whose sleep is disturbed by the loud noise also suffers. This can be a spouse or other family members in the home, or a group of Soldiers that have to bunk with the snorer.

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